Choose low maintenance and lasting beauty with Allan Block walls for your landscaping. Available in a many colours, textures and styles, there is one that is just right for you.


At Cardero we believe anything we build must withstand the test of time. Just like our customers, we want the end product to be as level and square as the day it was finished. The secret is site preparation. Before laying block the site must be readied by removing soil, packing the area, adding drainage rock and packing the area again. The soil is removed and replaced with a mixture a sand and crushed rock that will pack and allow water to pass. It is important that water does not collect. It can cause the finished product to heave in freezing weather or sag during wet weather. We take pride in our work, committing the necessary time and resources to prep. 

Retaining Walls

retaining wall along sidewalk with corner of house and fence visible
Residential Retaining Wall

Samples available

We have samples if you would like to meet us and have a look at them. You can also see samples online using the button below.

Choose from many different textures and styles.

Extreme Landscaping

These stairways were built in an very rocky area. They are are designed to compliment the terrain and offer a pleasing curved cascade.

A stairway constructed of allan block gently curves down the left side of the house towards the driveway.
A staircase constructed of allan block with interlocking brick landings curves down to the driveway from the yard above.

The stairs on the right incorporate interlocking brick with Allan block resulting in a visually appealing end product.